Our Vision

Conceptualized amongst a group of close-knit associates, Indobell Insulations Limited originated with the increasing need for energy savings.With time, the resolve grew more concrete and translated itself into a small entity, which slowly and surely evolved into one of the most dependable names in whichever line of work it entered.

  • Indobell Insulations Limited was founded - with the vision to make energy-efficient Thermal Insulation Solutions available to the masses.

    YEAR 1972

  • Indobell emerged as a Pioneer in the Spray Insulation Technique of thermal Insulation.

    YEAR 1988

  • Establishing its first Manufacturing Unit in Kolkata - Indobell embarked on the journey of in-house manufacture of Nodulated Rockwool.

    YEAR 1988

  • In a stellar breakthrough, Indobell Insulations Limited successfully supervised the Pilot project of Borosilicate application in Chimney Flue Can of FGD Plants in India.

    YEAR 2020

Areas Of Expertise

Our specialisations in the field of thermal insulation cover the following areas:

Hot and Cold Insulation
Noise and Fire Protection
Turbine Insulation
Electrical Heat Tracing
Mattress Insulation applications
Heat Shield Installation
Acoustic Insulation
Microporous Insulation